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Beasts of Wars Warren to Host Whole Episode of The Weekender Only Using Innuendos

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From 8/2/17 –

Beasts of War presenter Warren Johnston is set to host an entire episode of their web series The Weekender only speaking sexual innuendos.

“It’s going to very hard,” Warren said about the task “but I will have to suck it up and take it on the chin.”  The show, that usually discusses news and events in the gaming world as well as the hosts’ own experiences and hobby, is a regular weekly series that has been running for many years now. “Some of the shows are very long” Warren commented, “but we can manage to cram a lot in.”

When asked if he was nervous about stunt Warren replied “I am scared stiff.  It really puts the willies up me! I think I’ll manage to pull it off though.”

Justin Mc Auly, another regular on the show, said: “It’s really unlike Warren,  I’ve never noticed him using innuendos in the past.”

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