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From Intimacy Male to Crystal Skin

From Intimacy Male to Crystal Skin

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Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 4
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The crystals were started using a 40/60 mix of Citadel’s Kantor Blue (my favourite blue) and Reaper’s Royal Purple.  I then added Citadel’s Altdorf Guard Blue, then Citadel’s Lothern Blue and Windsor & Newton’s Titanium White.

It was at this point I stopped and looked for reference pictures, as the crystals weren’t quite reading as ‘gems’.  In the end I settled on pictures of ‘uncut sapphire gems’, which gave me these photos:

What I noticed is the gems went all the way down to black, though a rich blue.  You can see where I started adding the rich blue in the 4th picture in each gallery above, but below I started adding actual black, then white highlights.

After seeing the photos, the white highlights definitely need some toning down, as I’m hoping the gloss layer will do some of that work for me.


Also, I’ve just realised what this colour combination is reminding me of.  Pop Tarts, anyone?!_Berry

(Did anyone else know Pop Tarts had their own wiki?)

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