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Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

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Paintathon Update - Day 8; Saturday

Tutoring 1
Skill 9
Idea 7

And calling the paintathon done here 🙂

Today I checked that the varnish had settled, spent a few hours doing a quick base finish on all the minis and hit them with a matt varnish spray. Gallery of the units finished as part of this project follows:

And fitting the new reinforcement units in with the existing forces:

Chaos Mortal Khorne ForceChaos Mortal Khorne Force
Chaos Mortal Tzeentch ForceChaos Mortal Tzeentch Force
Chaos Mortal Nurgle ForceChaos Mortal Nurgle Force

Not sure that these have all been put together in the most ‘optimal’ way – I’ve pretty much been picking up discount 2nd hand minis on Ebay, stripping and repairing and trying to arrange into what appear to be sensible complete units rather than proceeding with any set goals, so my list composition may be rubbish. I don’t really mind 🙂

Tzeentch looks undercooked here but I have 2 more casters and a chariot to repaint and add to the force. Additionally I have a starter force from Wargods of Aegyptus that I picked up 15 years ago and have been meaning to use as  a unit of Tzeentch chosen, so they’ll get added in too.

Still have beastmen to add, plus daemons. And if anybody is wondering why Slaanesh didn’t get any love in this project, it’s because I already have a large Slaanesh army, which at some point I am going to revisit and try and bring back up to a better standard. So no need to add more to it.

All in all, pretty pleased with the results as a month ago these guys were a mess of smashed and broken minis and spares, and a week and a half ago were only primed. Am now at least happy to field on the tabletop.

From here I’ll switch back to the Middenheim force (would be good to at least get the 150 infantry knocked over in the next month or two) and get stuck in to the High elf Sea Patrol. Figured I’d start by painting up the 2 units of Shadow Warriors and let that inform the painting approach for the remainder of the army.

Thanks for following along 🙂

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CoG Member

Really well done @evilstu I’m impressed!
The forces look cohesive and the mix of minis still work well together. In fact, I enjoy that you’ve got some older pieces in there as leaders and characters!

CoG Member

They all look great Impressed how quickly you got them all done

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