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Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

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Female Gods: part 2

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 5
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The red areas of Athena were basecoated mephiston red, washed carroburg crimson and then highlighted evil sunz scarlet followed by wild rider red.


Athena’s owl was basecoated zandri dust. I then stipled it with mournefang brown. Then it was washed agrax earthshade and drybrushed ushabti brown followed by screaming skull.


All the gold was basecoated retributor armour, washed with seraphim sepiaand then highlighted with auric armour gold followed by liberator gold.


All the silver areas were basecoated ironbreaker. Aphrodite’s swords were given a light wash of drakenhof nightshade, while the silver on Hecate was washed with nuln oil. All silver areas were then highlighted with runefang steel.


All their lips were given a bloodletter glaze.


To give the impression of magical auras each goddess had their eyes glazed a different colour. Guilliman blue for Artemis, lamenters yellow  for Athena and Aphrodite, and waywatcher green for Hecate.

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