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Ollie Paints... a Warbringer Titan

Ollie Paints... a Warbringer Titan

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Leg update

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Spent the weekend finishing off the legs as much as possible – just need to do the knee plates but the planned scheme needs a bit more practice before letting it loose on resin.
So to follow on from the previous post, once the gold trim has been painted the entire plate is given a gloss varnish coat and allowed 24hrs to dry.  Once it’s dried fully, it’s oil wash time. Panel lines, rivets and gold edge areas are all picked out/recess shaded in a heavily thinned 50/50 black/brown oil paint mix. This is then dried quickly using a hairdryer/heatgun on low heat, before polishing the panels with a dry polishing cloth, leaving the shade in the recesses. Once again allow the oil wash 24hrs to dry fully below applying a satin varnish coat of the entire panel. The gold is then highlighted using a 50/50 mix of Scale 75 Dwarven Gold and VMA Chrome, this can either be drybrushed o the edges or sponged on for a chipped effect.

With all that done, it was time to get the glue out….

Leg armour fully attached (minus the knee pads)Leg armour fully attached (minus the knee pads)
Rear shot (as Lloyd likes them)Rear shot (as Lloyd likes them)
Stride shot showing the leg posing Stride shot showing the leg posing

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