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Playing With Myself: A 40K Solo Play and Solo Learn Experience

Playing With Myself: A 40K Solo Play and Solo Learn Experience

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Battle 4 Prep: 1500 points

Tutoring 1
Skill 0
Idea 2

I’m thinking I might have time for a game this weekend so I’ve prepped some higher points lists.  I’m going to have to proxy now as I really feel both sides need Psykers and more HQ units to qualify for more CPs.  Here’s the cliff notes version along with the Privateer Press models I expect to use as proxies, but you can find the detailed lists below.  If you have any suggestions or feedback please speak up.


I will also be switching from “Eternal War” missions (Fixed objectives only cored after the game) to “Maelstrom of War” (Objectives score immediately and new ones are drawn from a random but faction specific supply).  I am hoping that by making the scenarios more dynamic, and VPs more immediate that the game will be less of a brawl in the middle, and present me with more tactical choices across the game.


I know I have sounded negative about the game so far, and I am leaning towards that way.  However I have also found myself looking at prices for new minis and checking ebay for stuff so something has some of my attention.


Space Wolves

Iron priest
Rune priest x2 (will be played by blackclad wayfarers)
Blood claws x10 (will be played by Tharn bloodtrackers)
Grey hunters x10
Intercessors x5
Terminators x10
Land raider


Hive tyrant
Neurothrope (will be played by Blackhide wrastler)
Tyranid prime (will be played by JagaJaga)
Hormagaunts x30
Hormagaunts x22
Termagants x30
Warriors x3
Zoanthropes x6 (will be played by Gatormen)
Gargoyles x10


See the pics below to see what my proxy models will be, for the benefit of anyone wanting to follow the pics in the battle report.

Blackclad Wayfarers standing in for Rune PriestsBlackclad Wayfarers standing in for Rune Priests
Tharn Bloodtrackers standing in for Blood ClawsTharn Bloodtrackers standing in for Blood Claws
Blackhide Wrastler standing in for a NeurothropeBlackhide Wrastler standing in for a Neurothrope
JagaJaga standing in for a Tyranid PrimeJagaJaga standing in for a Tyranid Prime
Gatorman posse standing in for ZoanthropesGatorman posse standing in for Zoanthropes

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Cult of Games Member

I think this is fantastic!
Great job so far! I have much much more to read here, but I’m already thinking of doing some thing like this for myself! I need to keep practising so that I can remember my stats and rules!

Thank you for the inspiration!

I must also say that your two armies look great, really nicely painted 🙂

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