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More progress after a year.

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Been watching all the great stuff from spring cleaning and I started to look at all the nice bare metal models I have kicking around.

I have been playing more Infinity and I have played with bare metal models and felt the shame.

I have fallen out with Pano and decided to look back at my overall painting progress. I have Since added JSA and some individual models to my three forces all unpainted. Decided this bank holiday to start to paint infinity again.

I then remembered why I fell out with this. Greengate. So I set about fixing this by surprise just painting more. I also needed to clean off a layer of dust off of the models I done this with water and an airbrush. I went against the book and decided to just try and paint a similar green. This worked out great and got me painting infinity again.

I cant believe this has been a year strop. (though not as if I was not doing other stuff)

Front of the Marauder Front of the Marauder
Back of the MarauderBack of the Marauder
Front of Antipode Front of Antipode
Back of of Antipode Back of of Antipode
Front of MinutemanFront of Minuteman
Back of MinutemanBack of Minuteman
All of my Ariadna so far good start I hope to get the rest done within the week. All of my Ariadna so far good start I hope to get the rest done within the week.

So far a good start quite pleased overall.

I still need more practice painting infinity faces. Think I prefer the heroic proportions. Also the Antipode crest was crazy to paint.

Still so much fun painting infinity I cant believe I stopped just because of a shade of green.

More to come.

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