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An Army pack bites the dust.

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So after a year and stalling I put brush to model again and put my terrain aside for a little longer.

I finished the rest of the models a bit longer than I expected as I was only doing an hour a night but it’s done.

Grunt 1 Grunt 1
Grunt 2Grunt 2
Grunt 3Grunt 3
The whole army packThe whole army pack

That’s thankfully not the end of my infinity painting adventures.

I have the beyond Icestorm box to do the JSA Army pack and an Ariadna Tag and a Pano Tag.

So much to do so little time. I am however going to split my time between painting so will take this off of hold.

I need to get better at painting the female faces. I make them so pig ugly and cant think of anyway to get better but paint more. This is bad as I think I am better at painting 28mm heroic faces overall and female in particular.

Oh well enough ranting.

More to come.

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