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Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

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Winged menegerie: part 1

Tutoring 2
Skill 3
Idea 3
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Progress is slow this month. These models are about 75% done.


The manticore started with an undercoat of zandri dust spray. It was sahed all over with seraphim sepia. It then received an all over overbrush of tallarn sand followed by a drybrush of karak stone. The wing membranes were overbrushed bugman’s glow. The hair was basecoated rhinox hide then drybrushed doombull brown.


The chimera started with an undercoat of barbarian flesh spray. It was then washed with reikland fleshshade, and then overbrushed taupset ochre followed by bubonic brown. The hair was painted in the same way as teh manticore’s.


The sphynx started with an undercoat of stormvermin fur. It was then washed with seraphim sepia and drybrushed with tallarn sand followed by karak stone. The wings received an extra drybrush of screming skull. The hair was painted in the same way as the manticore’s.


The flying ape was undercoated with a chaos black spray. The flesh areas were highlighted with naggaroth night and the fur and wings were drybrushed with incubi darkness. The whole model then received a nuln oil wash.

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