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Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

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Winged menegerie: part 2

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That’s all the models in this batch finished.


I haven’t done anything else to the Sphynx since my last update as I was happy with the result.


All the horns, teeth, and nails were basecoated rakarth flesh, washed agrax earthshade and then highlighted with rakarth flesh. The chimera’s blindfold was painted in the same way except a reikland fleshshade wash was used.


The flying ape’s flesh areas had a highlight of xereus purple.


The chimera’s chains were basecoated leadbelcher, washed nuln oil and then highlighted ironbreker. The flying ape’s girdle and bracelets were basecoated retributor armour, washed reikland fleshshade, and highlighted auric armour gold.


The manticore’s tongue and poison was basecoated calibran green, washed beil-tan green, then highlighted moot green.


To get the green gradient on the chimera’s snake tail I mixed lahmian medium with moot green roughly 3:1. I then painted on 4 or 5 layers on the tail, with each layer not reaching as far towards the body as the last.


Finishing touches were painting the eyes abaddon black and the tongues emperor’s children.

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