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The Eighty Years War

The Eighty Years War

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Review - Knights Hospitaller

Tutoring 4
Skill 2
Idea 4

Finally! New miniatures begin to reach my mailbox! I had nothing to paint for weeks. ☹

This is a set of four miniatures Warlord Games released last year named “Knights Hospitaller” (also know als the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Saint John). They were designed to replay the Siege of Malta. I will add them to my Spanish and Dutch forces.

Out of the blister.Out of the blister.

Each miniature is armoured and armed differently:

  • Pike
  • Harquebus
  • Twohanded sword
  • Sword and shield.

The last one wears a tabard with a cross on the front and back. Not sure what to do with this one yet. It’s the wrong cross for the Spaniards (the Burgundy cross has diagonal lines). The Dutch didn’t use crosses as their symbol.

This blister comes without bases.

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Cult of Games Member

Now you have minis, I am looking forward to seeing further progress!

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