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Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

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Finishing the core box: finished

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3
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The browns were basecoated mournefang brown, washed agrax earthshade, then highlighted with skrag brown.


The bronze was basecoated warplock bronze then highlighted brass scorpion followed by runelord brass.


The iron was basecoated leadbelcher, washed nuln oil then highlighted ironbreaker followed by runefang steel.


Achiles’ blond hair was basecoated xv-88 then highlighted tauset ochre.

Odyseus’ beard was basecoated dawnstone then highlighted administratum grey. His cloak was lined with white scar and his arrow fletchings were painted rakarth flesh.


That’s the core box fully painted!

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