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Robert's Historical Miniatures and Musings (Slow Grow League)

Robert's Historical Miniatures and Musings (Slow Grow League)

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Work in Progress

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 5

Just a quick update.  Pak 40s getting some work done.  Excuse the glossy crew.  Need to decide whether I should add camo or not.

Work in Progress
Work in Progress

I also got a new book this week.

Work in Progress

Having just glanced through it and reading just a wee bit, if I base these Germans on the 21st Panzer Division, I could do some two coloured camo, and would need to add plenty of vegetation onto my tanks.  This was due to the Allies air superiority and the German tank crews trying to stay hidden.

Read that on paper a Panzer Regiment in Normandy in 1944 would have consisted of

  • 160 tanks
  • 60 tracked vehicles
  • 200 trucks
  • 70 cars
  • 60 motorcycles
  • 1934 men

Not surprised by this but it does make you think.  Also had my heart broken when it said there were no Hetzers used in the Battle of Normandy.  Just means I will have to build another German army so I can include some!

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Great stuff buddy, I quite like it as it to be honest


nice paint job Robert, very nice

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