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American or Americant!

American or Americant!

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July's Pledge Completed (for a given value)

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 6
51 points (or 62 if you want it to survive)51 points (or 62 if you want it to survive)

So the idea for the US is to paint them quickly to a decent standard so I’m standardising the painting on the armour.

The following paints are what I’ll be using for all the AFVs throughout the force.

The armour itself is based coated in Olive Drab ( this used to be called Brown Violet in case you still have an old bottle like myself.

  1. 1st Drybrush, 3 parts Olive Drab to 1 part Desert Yellow
  2. 2nd Drybrush, 1 part Olive Drab to 1 part Desert Yellow
  3. Final Drybrush, 1 part Olive Drab to 3 parts Desert Yellow

you could probably skip the first step if you want, as it’s very subtle, but I don’t like harsh transitions when possible.

(L-R) base-coat, 1st Drybrush, 2nd Drybrush, 3rd Drybrush(L-R) base-coat, 1st Drybrush, 2nd Drybrush, 3rd Drybrush

next up all the handles of the tools get a coat of Ochre Brown and all metal parts including tracks and weapons get a coat of Dark Grey, be as neat as you can here.

that’s the tank pretty much done.

Hit them all with a nice gloss varnish I use floor polish, Johnson & Johnson Pledge, and then we’re ready for the detailing.

Decals go on easier over a gloss varnish and once they’re down another gloss varnish over the top protects them.

let it dry and then give the whole tank a brown oil wash and leave it for 90mins. Watch a football match. 🙂

then clean the excess wash off with a cotton bud.

After that you can apply a second wash if you want it darker, otherwise you’re ready to do a black pin wash on the hatches and rear engine deck. and again kick back for 90 before cleaning excess away

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Haha, I have been having that a lot recently until I realised the limits of what size pics and how many can be loaded. A huge congrats on getting them all done. Sadly I am behind but will keep plodding.

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