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My Warband, My Story: KOW Vanguard in the San Francisco Bay Area

My Warband, My Story: KOW Vanguard in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Our Club, My Story

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What’s Up Gamers, I’m Matty, San Francisco based Metalhead and Wargamer. I belong to a great little club in California, USA called Bay Area Kings of War or BAKOW to us local Heroes and Fiends. Mantic Games has chosen our great little club for the Your Club, Your Story promo. Our club spanses quite a bit of cities in the San Francisco BA peninsala but, us in the heart of the city of San Francisco love Vanguard. We have a pretty regular turn out for Skirmishes of Vanguard at our LGS Gamescape in San Francisco typically organized by our local Rules guru/ Cat herder Bart. I personally ran a introduction games ay Kublacon last May. Our club ran and completed our first successful  Vanguard campaign where everyone really pulled together and created a great experience. I have to say for participation, enthusiasm and creativity Mantic made a great choice choosing our club. Props to Price for contacting Mantic. The project will chronical the building selecting of my Warband, and misc. supporting terrain. The preparation of  Warband as we ready our club BAKOW for the upcoming Ice & Iron campaign, and battle reports and progress through the campaign. On to the good stuff. With my interest in the darker sides of the Fantasy fight over good and evil I’m stoked to have received a free new Warband for Vanguard. I have chosen the Abyssal faction for its Evil aesthetics and Metal as [email protected] attitude. I’m really looking forward to the leaping firebolt of the Flambearers for additional range, Succubus with Fatal attraction -1 for enemies melee rolls, and the Imps 3 wound grunts. The leadership, support, and warriors are hard hitting , some well armored and with regeneration as well. Faction specific spells that auto hit with slim chances of avoiding the effects. Torment suffering mental anguish, or Immolation continuing fire attack. Sadistic and wickedly entertaining. The summer is gonna end in a real heat spell when my Abyssals hit the table. Thanks, Mantic, Bart, and Price.

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love the idea for the force and I’ll be following along, I think Vanguard is a smashing game and Mantic have been engaging with the community and building on that year after year.
Maybe your project will encourage my own stalled Abyssal force out of retirement

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