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Ollie paints.... Flames of War (Take 2) (Slow Grow League)

Ollie paints.... Flames of War (Take 2) (Slow Grow League)

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Round 2... Ding ding!!

Tutoring 3
Skill 2
Idea 4
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That’s North Africa dealt with, 109pts in 2 months, fairly successfully I think…. time to move onto D-Day! I picked up 2 US Starter Sets as with some minor additions I can create 3 very different core armies. I had an Armoured Rifle platoon sat around from my faltered start in v3 so that’s now added to the mix as well.

2 sets gives me:
10x M4 Shermans
6x M5 Stuarts / M8 Scotts
8x M10 Wolverines
2x Armoured Rifle Platoons
6x M7 Priests

Added to that will be:
4x M10 Wolverines
4x M4 Shermans
4x M4 Sherman 105s
1x Armoured Rifle Platoon (mentioned earlier)
1x Armoured Rifle Platoon HQ
2x Recon Cavalry

Which gives me….
A Sherman Company – a staple formation of armour
A Tank Destroyer Company – well, after a North African one would be rude not to have a D-Day one with them as veterans 😉
An Armoured Rifle Company – always needs boots on the ground
plus various support assets to back them up

So for my first Late War 50pts, 10 veteran Shermans comin up!

Assault on Sprue Mountain beginsAssault on Sprue Mountain begins

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Coming out swinging! Good stuff.

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