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The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

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Magnus the Red - WIP

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Once again, another cheat here, this is Magnus the Red in his Daemon Primarch form.


Currently going a bit slow this one, took a while to build him for a start, and I have stalled a little bit time I decide which pieces of armour to glue on.

Point of interest, at the moment the breast plate seems to just stay on him, so I might not bother gluing that on and just leave it in place.

Once Magnus is complete, I still have Fulgrim, Horus, and the limited edition Sanginius to start work on, and that’s before I buy any of the others!

UPDATE – Few more shots of where we have gotten to with Magnus, not sure about which armour to fix to him, i have painted his breastplate, but glued the eye on his belt, so the breast plate doesn’t really fit properly now!

So far we have done:


Chaos Black spray


Screamer Pink – ^Dry^ Wazdakka Red – (shade) Carroburg Crimson – ^Dry^ Wazdakka Red – (shade) Druchii Violet (Hand & Feet) – *highlight* Pink Horror – (shade) Druchii Violet (Hand & Feet) – *highlight* Emperor’s Children


leadbelcher – (shade) Nuln Oil


Rakarth Flesh – (Shade) Reikland Fleshshade


More work on Magnus (finally) ignore the clutter behind him and the not so great picture!

I will take some better ones shortly.

Magnus the Red - WIP

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