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Robert's Historical Miniatures and Musings (Slow Grow League)

Robert's Historical Miniatures and Musings (Slow Grow League)

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Monday's Movies - I've been on a binge!

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Monday's Movies - I've been on a binge!

As I have got older, I have watched less and less movies.  My attention span just isn’t what it used to be and I find my mind drifts off – ten minutes later I stop day dreaming but I’ve missed the most important bits of the movie!  This last week has been a lot different… My sleep pattern has went up the left and rather than spend hours tossing and turning in the middle of the night trying to get back to sleep, I’ve just put on a few movies.  The Slow Grow League has inspired me and the movies I put on have mostly been WW2 related… It has given me too many ideas for future project though!  This is just to act as a reminder for myself.

One caveat, I am not a movie buff, or really that knowledgeable about WW2, so some of my views will be interesting (or shite) to say the least.

A Bridge Too Far
This is not the first time I have watched this movie, I must have watched it in my early teens, but what an amazing movie.  It may have taken 3 nights to watch, but if I owned any 15mm British paratroopers they would have all been painted by now.  Does anyone do Sean Connery and Gene Hackman looking figures from this movie?  I’d sure like to paint them.  Older Robert appreciates this movie more and I am interested in looking into Market Garden more and also, in regards to the movie, why Richard Attenborough didn’t cast Monty or have him involved in the movie in more than name… seems a strange one.

The nerd in me also noticed that SS were in the wrong uniform and the German equipment was painted in early war rather than late war colours… but I still really enjoyed the movie and perhaps after getting my D-Day Germans and Americans done, I will paint up some British for this part of the late war story – I need to do an artillery battery, the scene above is awesome!

First time watching it and I thought it was shite.  It could have been interesting, thought provoking, and a modern reflection of war through the eyes of these tankers but the last third of the movie ensured that it wasn’t.  Is there a Crimes against War Movies court?  I am tempted to do an objective marker of the Fury tank wrecked for my games – though no amount of tiny fighty men could save this movie from being an abomination.

Hell River
I watched this due to one of the lead actors, a hero of my youth and still  the best Batman, Adam West!

According to the movie, this is based on a true story and I did really enjoy it.  Basically it is a story of Yugoslavian partisans fighting against the Germans with some love interest thrown in as well… I really enjoyed this movie, despite some interesting acting, and given the different scene in the movies, could be turned into a nice little campaign or day of gaming.

Attack Force Z
Starring Mel Gibson and Sam Neill before they really hit the big time!  Sam Neill was also born in County Tyrone in Ireland/Northern Ireland/Ulster and his father served in the Irish Guards (I think that is the right regiment) so we will claim him as one of our own!

Another movie I really enjoyed and another that could be turned into a series of different scenarios for games.  One thing I really liked was there were no subtitles for the Japanese soldiers, so you had no idea what they were saying.  I think it added to the convert nature of the movie – the reason for the mission only gets revealed well into the movie.

War Pigs

The most surprising thing about this movie is actually how good an actor I thought Luke Goss was.  Before I was infected with the Heavy Metal bug… I liked Bros – 1987/88 was a confusing time for a 9 year old.. When Will I be Famous is still a catchy tune!  Anyway, this is just a paint by numbers Action Movie, set in WW2, but it entertained me for an hour and a half, though it did bring back bad memories of liking Bros and Tiffany!   The SS uniforms and vehicle colours actually looked right to my untrained eye.

Finally, last night, I watched a documentary called The Wereth Eleven.  Interesting piece of history from The Ardennes in 1944 – though i’m not a bit fan of the way it was dramatised with action scenes put in between the actual interviews and such.  Maybe something I can return to if I go on to do The Battle of the Bulge.

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You’ve been busy 😀


Some good reviews, and equally shared opinions…. *cough*Fury*cough*

Another tip for you – UKTV Play, you can watch the entire series of The World at War, gives some good ideas for minis/armies/games

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