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Robert's Historical Miniatures and Musings (Slow Grow League)

Robert's Historical Miniatures and Musings (Slow Grow League)

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Quick Update - They haven't pushed us out of Normandy yet!

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I’ve been distracted by the forces of Nurgle and my Germans haven’t had the same amount of time or hobby love given to them recently, but I have got a few more bits to go from the factory to the paint shop.


Quick Update - They haven't pushed us out of Normandy yet!

This box should keep me painting for a while, there should be enough in this box for August’s 25 points to add to July’s 50 points (if I ever paint those 4 Panzer IVs I keep saying I need to paint).

Not everything is or is going to be Battlefront in my final force.  I picked up some PSC bargains (Panzer IIIs and more Stugs) and the Zveda are mostly things I had in a box.  There is a bit of a size difference between the companies but Battlefront are the easiest to build, and are a bit chunkier so seem more robust for playing to me.  I will try and keep the slow grow stuff Battlefront as they are running the league.

I do need to work out if the Panzer IIIs I bought are even suitable.  I know some did fight in Normandy but they were knocked out relatively quickly – again it is hard to find reliable information at times as so much of what is out there (especially on forums) is either contradictory or plagiarised.  Some of the content I have seen this week from supposed “history gurus” has been embarrassing to the point that there should be a public warnings put on it.  But anyway


Quick Update - They haven't pushed us out of Normandy yet!

I’ve added a bit of stowage to these Panzer IVs.  These are going to be more beaten up than the others, guys who have been in the thick of the action, while some of the others bits of armour that are less damaged will represent the reinforcements being funnelled into Normandy.


Getting the boom booms built as well!  Getting the boom booms built as well!

I’ve also ended up watching more war movies during a day of being in bed with Nurgle’s Rot (well between bed and the bathroom 🙁 ).  The first was Invincible.  The blurb for it…

‘Invincible’ is an action-packed true story about heroism in the face of imminent death. Following a tank captain and his heroic crew during manoeuvres against the enemy on the battlefields of WWII, ‘Invincible’ tells the story of a small group of men achieving an inconceivable victory against almost insurmountable odds.

It didn’t make me want to paint my Panzers or buy KV2s, but it was better than Fury.  I liked it but could understand why actually movie buffs wouldn’t.

The second movie I watched, I thought was brilliant – Fortress of War.  Again in Russian with subtitles, this was gritty and really did show war in all its horrors.  The young boy who played the main character also did an amazing job.  Perhaps will look into the history of the Brest Fortress and the German attack on it at a later date.  No Russian tanks so wasn’t that tempted at going out and buying some – lots of infantry though and luckily I have some in 28mm so not that tempted.

(oh the trailer below is the German one).


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Cult of Games Member

Great to see you back on the wagon after Papa Nurgle managed to infect you. I am also having a swing at getting my Panzers done so feeling your pain.

Looking forward to seeing how you get on buddy.

Cult of Games Member

I heard some rumours that there were a few PZer IIIs around for Normandy. Either used as HQ tanks, or rushed to the front as they were previously being used as a training tank. I think the first is more likely, as you don’t want to get the HQ tanks into combat, but you do need an armoured box with a radio for the HQ still. However not a lot of definitive information on this.

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