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For the love of trolls

For the love of trolls

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Westfalia Fencer

Tutoring 1
Skill 3
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Westfalia Fencer
Westfalia Fencer

For some reason I just couldn’t get the camera to focus on this mini. A bit like when I fought Dunkeldorf’s Herman. My camera just wouldn’t focus on him either. So sorry for the somewhat blurry images. It was the best I could come up with.

That out of the way, another amazing mini. I  mean, she has little skulls as buttons! How cool is that.

As always it’s mostly Scale75 for paints, unless otherwise noted

Skin: Basic Flesh + Pale Skin, Flesh Wash (AP) + Water, Mojave White
Whites: Birch, White
Purple: Violet, Pastel Violet (Artist line)
Black: SS Dunkelgelb, White
Leather: Burnt Umber (Artist line), Yellow OChre (Artist line)
Skulls: Buff (artist line), Strong Tone (AP), White
Silver: Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal
Bronze: Weapon Bronze (AP), Strong Tone x 2 (AP)
Hilt: Rotbraun Red
Hair: Gelbraun Brown, Mid Brown, Gelbraun Brown + Buff (Artist line)

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