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The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

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Managed to get a bit more work done on Horus last night – he now has arms!

I shall get some pics up, and hopefully get him finished this weekend.

So naturally, my mind has turned to whose up next?

The answer being Sanguinius himself, I also have Fulgrim on the stocks but I haven’t even prepped his miniature yet.

So, as I normally do I started looking about to see if I could get any good painting guides, or see what sort of videos are out there for Sangy.

I typed my search into the world wide web, and the void spat back at me “not a lot”.

It’s almost like people haven’t really bothered with this mini, maybe due to the hefty price tag.

However what inspiration I have managed to glean has led me to pull together the rough painting guide for what I am going to work towards – some of it is still incomplete however – no idea what to do with his pelt.

So any advice on that greatly appreciated!

This is what I have so far….


Bugman’s glow – (shade) Reikland Flesh – Eldar Flesh 


Uriel Yellow – (shade) Cassadora Yellow – Uriel Yellow


Retributor Armour – (shade) 50/50 Mix Agrax Earthshade / Reikland Flesh Shade – ^Dry^ Auric Armor Gold – ^Dry^ Liberator Gold – (shade) mix Reikland Flesh Shade / Lahmian Medium – ^Dry^ Necron Compound


Celestra Grey – (shade) Drakenhof Nightshade / Lahmian Medium – Ulthuan Grey – White Scar


Work is progressing well, still uncertain which weapon to give him, but in keeping with the original piece of artwork that seems to have inspired the pose, I think I am going sword.

Then I just have to work on the scenic base & ruinstorm Daemon that comes with it!

***UPDATE 2***

Decided upon the sword – pictures to follow tonight / tomorrow (23rd/11).

Now just have to move onto the scenic base!

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