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Levarius' Mythic Battles Pantheon

Levarius' Mythic Battles Pantheon

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Tutoring 2
Skill 13
Idea 2
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First of the Gods, and it’s Ares.

What a model to paint! Really loved it.

I was rather worried by his size (being a God model), but I find it surprising that he was easier to paint than the smaller models. I put that down to the fact that each area on the model is bigger so there’s more room for the paint brush and less chance of catching an unwanted area.

As with the Spartans, the cloak and skin were basecoated with Contrast Paints over a zenithal spray coat (Blood Angels Red and Gulliman Flesh). These gave time to three or 4 highlight layers on each. Which again, were easier because he’s so much bigger!

I went again for a gold armour effect on Contrast Nazdreg Yellow over a metallic basecoat, but added an layer of thinned Snakebite Leather to darken it up slightly/

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Great work! The gold effect with metal base and Contrast paints works really well, I have to give it a shot sometime.

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