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More JSA

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I had a little push with the defiance Kickstarter to paint more infinity models. I have had the JSA since they came out and they have been my undercoated shame for a while, so much so that I had to clean them before painting.

I usually start a set painting the models that interest me the most. Sadly this could lead to what normally happens that I lose steam half way through a set. I batch paint a little but not a lot. Mostly base colours then take each model as an individual.

I already painted the Kuroshi Rider and the Kuge Delegate which interested me a lot. So I took a step back and decided to do the base infantry Keisotsue Butai next before moving over to something more interesting.

Keisotsue Butai 1Keisotsue Butai 1
Keisotsue Butai 2Keisotsue Butai 2
Keisotsue Butai 3Keisotsue Butai 3

With the base infantry done, this means they would not be sitting out for another year unpainted. They are also quite enjoyable. I changed the way I painted and painted on a mostly white undercoat. this helped with not having to do 100 layers of white.

Also learned that a few shades of black then a white highlight sells back better than turning it into grey.

More to come as I got a bit done this week.

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