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More exciting JSA

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With the basic (but still lovely) models done I moved onto the non fodder. This made me use a few new techniques (to me), more focus on edge highlighting and again more of the JSA colour scheme. Again the Masterclass books helped a lot.

Ryuken Unit - 9 1Ryuken Unit - 9 1
Ryuken Unit - 9 2Ryuken Unit - 9 2
Everything so far in this push. Everything so far in this push.

So that’s it so far. Still have three more days off so I hope to get the Daiyokai Dengekitai and Kaizoku Spec-ops done. Kaizoku Spec-ops in particular is a challenge as there are lots of White, Black and red together but in small parts. This model scares me (in fact both do). But I already started to paint it so it needs to be done. Hopefully another update this week.

Then I will only have two infinity models not painted. Next up after that will be the two Fat Yuan Yuan that I managed to pick up for a more than reasonable price.

More to come.

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