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Benghazi 2012 - Designing Buildings for Transit Game

Benghazi 2012 - Designing Buildings for Transit Game

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Playtesting CONTACT FRONT by God's Eye Games - 8:30 PM UK Time

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Here on the Sitrep Podcast Team, we’re looking at Contact Front by God’s Eye Games.  It’s a new new modern warfare miniature game set in the earlier phases of the War in Afghanistan in 2002-2006.

Sadly, Gianna and I cannot meet over a table right now, so I’ve adopted a table and “minis” for virtual tabletop play, scaled at 28mm on a may 6 foot by 4 foot. We’ll just be playing a small introductory game, learning the rules as we go, but we wanted to give this game an honest try before we gave a formal, final review.

We hope you’ll check us out either YouTube or Twitch, where we’ll be streaming this game live at 8:30 UK time (Sunday December 8).



Still making Still making "miniatures" for this playtest. :D But I should be okay for an INTRODUCTORY test of an American squad, now finishing up my Taliban fighters, with a leader and RPG gunner on the cards.
This map is sized for 72This map is sized for 72" by 48", with the circular bases for my "miniatures" being just under 1"

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Digital Miniatures….it truly is an amazing age! I love the look of the base. It really changes the look from and icon to a miniature.

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