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Ogre Resurrection

Ogre Resurrection

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All about that base, bout that base, green flockin'

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
Idea 11

First things first, the bases where to say the least, basic. So all the ogres got popped off (they were only ever pinned and blue tacked down so I could play)

They had suffered a little damage as I had used a press mould to make the rocks from milliputt in the past so they needed touched up and reprimed I also took the opportunity to add some slate rocks as well.

rocks added and some sand added and some sand down.

Next up priming the pump…and the bases. I primed with Vallejo dark grey and kinda lightened the stones with a light grey Vallejo primer. I wasn’t worried about over spray as the dirt was going to be dirt coloured.

pigments and washes ala my clever rock weathering was next there is a video in this project on it here in my dark age project

dirty dirty, browns down on the mucky bits. The base brown is a household emulsion and then a vallejo tan brown airbrushed on top to lighten it.

final step to add the flock and textures. So far I’ve just got my regular green flock mix on them.

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The bases are superb mate,and will really make your army. It shames me to admit that bases are always pretty much an afterthought with me, and this in inspiring to me in a “look what you could do, if you could be arsed you lazy bastard” kind of way. Love a good Mantic project, so I can’t wait to see what you do next.


Great looking bases so far mate! I’m really keen to see the army start to come together!


Quick question: how did you achieve the elevation on the base? I.e. the hills. Thanks

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