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Benghazi 2012 - Designing Buildings for Transit Game

Benghazi 2012 - Designing Buildings for Transit Game

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Black Hawk Down - Elessar2590 vs. Oriskany

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6

Here is the re-play from the live game shared between myself and @elessar2590 yesterday.  We took a swing at playtesting new expansions for Barry Doyle’s Valor & Victory WW2 squad-based infantry combat system, pushing the system into the 1990s with a “Blackhawk Down” scenario from the Battle of Mogadishu, Operation Gothic Serpent, October 3-4 1993.

YouTube channel and Twitch.

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Cult of Games Member

I’ve jumped in and out following a lot of these streams. Great to see. I may have missed this discussion but have you had to overcome any big hurdles pushing the V&V system this far into modern? Entire new rules needed or just expanding on existing?

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