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Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

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Chapter 4A, Take Two

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Chapter 4A, Take Two

Beor took the opportunity while in Bundorca to craft himself a shield. Since the trail of Neante had gone cold in the Tombs of the Order Beor had decided to try and help Bundorca and Falfuar resolve their dispute over their shared Menhir. Before Beor could investigate in Bundorca though the Fore-Dweller arrived, forcing Beor to flee to Falfuar.

In Falfuar Beor conducted a thorough investigation for a couple of days until he could no longer afford to buy more food. He felt that he almost understood what was going on in both villages enough to help them resolve his differences, but first he would have to go hunting for food.

Beor travelled East (re-igniting the Menhir in Bundorca as he travelled past), intending to loop round to the south to hunt in Tangleroot, but as he reached the Broch Cruach he realised the Forest of Whispers was closer. After a couple of hunts Beor was once again well stocked with food. While here Beor decided to explore the woods further. Several hikes into the wood later Beor stumbled across a small hut inhabited by none-other than Neante!

Neante has retreated into isolation here because she is disgusted with something that she saw in the Tombs of the Order. Before coming here she threw the Grail over the cliffs, into the Sea of Ferns.

Beor wondered what could have driven Neante to such an act, but at least he now knew where he needed to go.


Much like chapter 2 I managed to stumble on the end of the chapter while thinking I was exploring somewhere completely unrelated to the quest – I only went to the Forest of Whispers for some food!

The game played much better using the Fore-Dweller as a normal guardian creature. It still got in my way and forced me to avoid it for the first three or four days, then it mysteriously disappeared. Despite it frustrating Beor’s plans I was still able to explore the villages of Bundorca and Falfuar, and the Forest of Whispers. I shall be continuing to play the Fore-Dweller in this way for the time being.

Overall this was a nice one-and-a-half hour game session. I wasn’t challenged too much, but I was very lucky with most of my encounters (calm before the storm and merchants). In fact I only had one combat and with my new shield and the armour I crafted previously raw damage isn’t that big a threat anymore.



Chapter 4A, Take Two

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Cool! Sounds like a ton of fun!

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