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Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

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Chapter 5 - Side quest to Farpoint

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Chapter 5 - Side quest to Farpoint

Beor now knew where the Grail was, and he was confident that no-one else would find it before he did. Given that he was in the Forest of Whispers and activating the Menhir here was the only way to reach Farpoint, Beor decided he could afford a diversion. Beor lit the Menhir and then travelled to the most Northern part of the island, Farpoint.

Beor spent a couple of days exploring the ruins of Farpoint. The old settlement was a mystery – who built it, why had the Fore-Dwellers not attacked them?

Over the course of the next two weeks Beor travelled back and forth between Farpoint, where he investigated its mysteries, and the Forest of Whispers where he hunted for food, recuperated his wounds and mental health, and reactivated the Menhir as needed.

Eventually Beor realised that the red plants growing throughout the ruins were anathema to wyrdness. They kept the old settlement safe, and if he were to seek them out in the rest of the island he could rest better in their vicinity.

Satisfied he had learned all that he could, Beor decided to head south to finally resolve the dispute between Bundorca and Falfuar. He would then be able to travel further west to find the Grail.


This session lasted about 3 hours and was purely focused on exploring a single location (all be it one with a lot of exploration options). It took quite a while because from Chapter 5 onward the encounter decks no longer have the level 1 encounters in them. Every fight was a challenge and I had to spend many days in the Forest of Whispers recovering. This is a good place to do so as there is an explore option that heals one wound, and another that removes one insanity. Given it also has a Menhir and can be used to hunt food, it is a very useful location.


Chapter 5 - Side quest to Farpoint

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Neat! Looking forward to hearing more about before adventures!

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