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Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Beor fled Tuathan as fast as he could. He quickly came to a place that he knew to be close to Orrin’s refuge so he sought the building out once more. He was distraught to find its former location, but evidently the building had walked away. Putting on the Fore-dweller burial mask Beor was able to track it down and get a good nights rest.

After about a week’s travel Beor came within sight of the valley of guardians and escape, but blocking his path was his Fore-Dweller pursuer. As a confrontation was unavoidable, Beor tried to reason with the Fore-Dweller and convince him that Beor was no threat. It took all Beor’s skills but evidently it worked.

Beor awoke in a tent some time later, with Orrin tending to his wounds. He had no recollection of how his confrontation with the Fore-Dweller had ended, but if hat resulted in violence surely Beor would have been killed. Orrin informed Beor that he had been in Tuathan for about a month. In that time the war in the west had resulted in several settlements being destroyed. Canaught had sent a scroll asking for help, as had Kamelot and one of the western towns.

For now though, Beor was content to rest a little while…


As I knew how Tuathan was going to affect Beor this time I knew I just had to explore enough to get the effect where I could not die or go insane and then I would be safe. Unluckily for me it ended up being the last card I encountered. I tried exploring Tuathan for as long as I could be I never came across any more significant locations (I know from the save sheet that I missed two).

It seems that there is a whole element of the story where there was an on-going war in the west of Tuathan which I barely experienced as I only explored the North, East and South regions of the map. Now some of those areas are permanently changed and I will have to play another play through and explore them earlier in order to know their story. The depth of this game is amazing.

Chapter 9

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Cult of Games Member

Im really loving this project and it’s story mate, I’m keen to read more about before adventures!

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