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Quick and Simple General Grievous

Quick and Simple General Grievous

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Step 3 - Highlights, Sabres and we’re done!

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 4

The Contrast Skeleton Hoard had left Grievous a little darker than I would’ve liked, so I used Skull White to pick out the most raised areas of plate, applying it almost as a dry brush.

The lightsabers for both figures were painted with the Contrast paints, Warp Lightning and Talassar Blue, respectively. I found the best way to achieve a glow effect was by using a few thin washes of the paint mixed with water and medium. It takes a bit of patience but by leaving each layer to dry fully before applying the next, a more translucent effect could be achieved. I also went back over the eyes with Averland Sunset to brighten them up.

I was happy with the Apothecary White finish so no further work was required to the two armed version. I experimented by applying a little of the Warp Lightning and Talassar Blue to either side of the front knee, as well as the forearms. This was a simple way of creating a glow effect from the lightsabers.

Once the cape and head were reattached both figures were finished! 

Step 3 - Highlights, Sabres and we’re done!
Step 3 - Highlights, Sabres and we’re done!

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Such a nice job. Love what you have done with the cloak.

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