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Infinity Red Veil Box

Infinity Red Veil Box

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Model cleaning, assembly and basing

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 8
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Cleaning tools

Metal files, hobby knife, clippers, hobby drill and tooth brush

Used the file, hobby knife and clippers to remove any metal flashing and clean up the mold lines.

As always with metal miniatures, you need to clean the parts in washing up liquid and warm water before assembly. This is where a tooth brush comes in handy.

Model cleaning, assembly and basing

Basing materials

Plasticard and sand paper

I want to the represent the the Hagislam models being at street level. A fine grade sandpaper is ideal where you want a flat road surface finish. The pasticard is used to form curbs and pathways.


Now they’re cleaned and washed its time to put the model together.

I haven’t worked with metal model for some time and forgot how much I prefer them to plastic. All the model went together brilliantly, they needed a bit of care in places and the joints needed a small amount of addition filing to assure a snug fit.

I cut out the sand paper and plastic for the bases. I thought it would be quite neat to represent the squad forming a line across a road when stood next to each other in the right order.

Now on to the Yu Jing force, my personal favorites.

Model cleaning, assembly and basing

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Never seen sand paper for basing, makes sense, even more so than on roads as the mini bases will never get “driven” over by plastic Rhino tanks!

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