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Flames of War Armies & Table Build

Flames of War Armies & Table Build

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Road System 1

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Currently making a modular road system. I created some templates of different road shapes and connections on paper first to see how well they connect. The width of the roads are currently about 3 inches.

There will be added greenery/flock/turf to the sides of the roads to make them less uniform, but they will match at the connection point. The paper templates will be transferred to plastic sheets. They are a good base for building on.

I really want to cobblestone roads, but I have to go hunt down a wallpaper that matches the texture what I want. I want to make a small city section but not sure how to transform the road from country to city. Any Suggestions?

For the time being, Ill make country dirt roads.

The below mat i am using is from Deep-Cut Studio. Please let me know what you guys think of the templates & any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

Once I’m happy with my templates, Ill do a complete step by step build of a segment.

Unfortunately, everything is delayed here in Kuwait, due to the curfew. My supplies have arrived in country but are yet to be delivered to me, which is killing me with excitement.

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they look nice to my eyes maybe a little wide for 15mm, but then I have nothing to compare them to.
However, that would be the way to go for your city/dirt country roads.
I would make dirt roads smaller about 40mm wide then make some ends that have the cobble pattern transitioning into dirt road, it means you could go full town, full country roads or mix and match.

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