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I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

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2020-05-11 Base Coating the Wings

Tutoring 11
Skill 9
Idea 9
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I decided to focus on slowly testing out colors on the wings, which are smaller, but have a lot of the type of details that show up throughout the rest of the model.  Contrast paint was where I wanted to keep the base, with a plan to do shade and highlight steps afterwards but still focus on speed over smooth blending.

Volupus pink formed the meaty base.  It maybe makes the dragon look a little too healthy and fresh steak like, but I think it contrasts very well with the other colors, and works right out of the pot.

Leviadon blue seemed a nice deep blue base for the fangs and horn bits.

For the sinew, I needed something light, but something that would contrast with the skeleton horde.  I experimented with apothecary white, which has a light cool gray shading, and this seemed to work well.

Finally, rounded it all out with the classic skeleton horde, which I knew I liked from my tester models before.

I played around with a lot of different brushes for this, and ended up sticking mainly with the citadel medium shade brush for the wings, with some white taklon brushes for smaller areas.  My other large brushes just didn’t seem to behave as nicely with the contrast paints.

Also of note:  I did the bone color last, since the other colors (besides sinew) were darker, and I wanted to clean then up before the skeleton horde hit.  I had trouble getting exact matches for this zenithal combo; I used hammerfall khaki for fixing up areas that were in shadow, and Reaper Aged Bone 9059 for the lighter areas, as a compromise.  I figured with the skeleton horde and then a drybrush on top of this, any mistakes would blur out enough at a distance.

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