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Beyond Wildfire O-12

Tutoring 9
Skill 11
Idea 11
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This is me on the road to Kadlstrom I have already based them and got them Zenithed and cant wait to get started and then to enable myself to buy more of the new releases and some repacks.

Super pleased I have pretty much got all 4 forces and most of the current releases for code one. I am heavily going into code one and Defiance when it arrives (on my other project but cross overs to this).  I want to learn infinity rules properly however not much support for this in Scotland.

I loved the mix of models in this one. Cuervo Goldstein a nice O-12 character unit with this coming through on the model. Betatrooper reminding me of Chappie, not on a double base and not just a copy of the one on the Alpha unit. Finally the Omega unit. Strong looking Heavy infantry model. Very good O-12 mix.

Cuervo GoldsteinCuervo Goldstein
Betatrooper Betatrooper
Omega unitOmega unit

So that’s me done painting O-12 for a while. They are fun but do take me slightly longer to paint. Though breaking this down to painting one colour at a time helps.  Black, Blue and Gold then light blue.

Weird thing happened while I was viewing these while painting was some of the details are missing off of the models. I am seeing this more and more looking closely at the official models some of the textures and details are either way softer or removed completely. For example Cuervo Goldstein’s calves they should have the blue hex webbing pattern on them. On my model they were completely smooth. I certainly didn’t thick coat them to obscure the detail or file it off. Nothing major and still love the quality but seeing this more and more from Corvus Belli.

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