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Beyond Wildfire Shasvastii

Tutoring 9
Skill 11
Idea 11

The Shasvastii in this set were not as strong in my opinion as the O-12 Felt like more of the same from the Wildfire box with the exception of the Sheskiin which is a lovely model. I need to read more about the grey face, it’s intriguing and I don’t know why (doesn’t seem to fit any of the others). The Caliban  felt like another weapon option for the one in the box. I am not a fan of the Malignos  though I do like his helmet (lol).

In saying that they were easy to paint and came together on two sessions of 2 hours. I was thankful for this as painting O-12 and Shasvastii was getting a little dull and all I want to do is paint Kaldstrom.

Beyond WildfireBeyond Wildfire

Overall pleased with Beyond Wildfire, a good set and as I said very happy that this and Wildfire are the action packs for Code One. Sadly this means my wallet will take a beating as I get all 4 factions to get people to play. Means we can play two tables, I have permission (from the Mrs) to turn our spare bedroom / Studio workshop into a Gaming area for two tables (which I have a surprise for) studio and a sofabed.

More to come, Kaldstrom! Kaldstrom! Kaldstrom! p.s. if you know Anywhere I could get some ideas of how to paint frost or cold (not snow hate snow) let me know. So far I am at mixing light blue, White and matt varnish to spray over the bases and possibly using water effects on cracks beforehand.


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Thanks for sharing your excitement for getting stuck in on Kaldstrom. I just finished my whole Icestorm set and felt a bit out of steam and wondering why I’d bought Kaldstrom, I was pondering just trying to play Code One rules with Icestorm minis. Your excitement has given me the oomph to not just tolerate but to relish getting going on Kaldstrom so thanks for that!

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