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Shadow Faction - Spia Sculpt

Tutoring 5
Skill 8
Idea 9
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Third sculpt for the Shadow faction – feedback welcome!

Here we are trying to tell the story of the Spia, a master of disguise and sabotage, sneaking up on an enemy position. One Spia will be included in the faction starter set. Capable of hiding amongst your enemies troops, altering opponents tactical commitments and even scoring objectives using your opponents models. This manipulative spy is a master of winning entirely through covert means. They are a member of the Shadow faction.

Misdirecting their opponents, sowing the seeds of dissent. Even convincing the disaffected to betray their own strike team. If knowledge is power, then what influence can you wield when you have the knowledge of your enemy?

Learn more about Deneb on the official site here

Her sculpt & card artHer sculpt & card art
Her unit cardHer unit card

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@davehawes – My feedback on this one is particularly eloquent and enlightened.

Wow, she is HOT! She can “manipulate” me whenever she wants!

Seriously, more great poses, renders, and cards!

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