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Hellboy (an old Spring Clean Challenge)

Hellboy (an old Spring Clean Challenge)

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Lava Larvae

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
Idea 11
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The conqueror worm, hmm, have to say there’s some interesting interpretations of the board game version of conqueror worm and there’s some great ones ,I quite like uglebs ( version , but my own interpretation is still not one I’ve found anywhere else. I keep seeing it as a creature that burst up from the molten rock depths and is almost white with heat. The original art and my interpretation will require and almost inverse shading effect so below is my re zenith followed by some basic white, yellow and orange inks through my airbrush. Next, brushing in the rest of the detail starting with a drybrush of black.

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Thanks for the shout out! I think this is one of the most challenging models in the game, capturing that weird alien glow and different textures is a head scratcher.

Very interested to see more!

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