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Getting roads to just ruddy lay flat

Getting roads to just ruddy lay flat

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Materials and other options

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I’m aware that there are retailers out there selling flexible roads. Some of these look pretty good but they’re not cheap. And I generally find that I need a reasonable selection of curves, straights, junctions and so forth to allow for different table layouts. And as this project is a terrain build, I’m not going to buy anything.


Latex would appear an obvious option as this is flexible and durable. You do however need to cast this and that requires molds to be made. That strikes me as a right pain and I’ve never cast anything in my life. I don’t thing a road complex is really the place to start my casting journey. It’s probably not a cheap option either.


Having recently been forced to do some decorating, I am aware of decorators caulk (or alternatively silicon rubber) that you can get from all good diy stores. It’s also cheap as chips and the acrylic based version can be painted over very easily. So I think the below will come in handy:

Some caulk, yesterdaySome caulk, yesterday

Otherwise, as my gaming mat is made from teddy bear fur, this seems a good place to start to see if I can use this to create some roads.

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