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Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

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Completed model primed

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With the various parts all super glued together, and some rough filling around gaps with liquid green stuff, the model is primed. Suddenly it starts to look like something.


Some colour now with an all over spray with some brown rattle can paint. Onto that goes a few different tones of brown paint, just randomly dotted around for variation. A mix of stippling and dry brushing.

Finally a few colours of weathering powders are added and that’s when it really starts to look like rust. Love this stage. Need to find a good way of locking weathering powders in place other than with Matt spray. I use the GW spray for this, but always feel that it sort of blows away the powder to a degree. But then you also lose that dry, dusty, rusty look that the raw powders have.

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