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Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

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Now for a tall, cool glass of fresh water

Tutoring 15
Skill 16
Idea 16

Well the third piece of the set is complete. So it turns out that the first piece I made should be called a Water Purifier, which according to the rules, can be used in conjunction with the now ready Windtrap.

The Windtrap collects the water from the air and then the water can later be run through the purifier for greater profit. If your gang owns both pieces of territory!

Income for the Windtrap is 30 creds, plus another 2D6x10 if combined with the Purifier. Quite a little money making venture for those ash wastes gangs. Worth fighting over no doubt.

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Cult of Games Member

Nice work… looking forward to a group shoot of all on a table

Cult of Games Member

I love dipping into this project and seeing the inspirational ideas you come up with in turning ‘junk’ into pieces of art. Old school, but so creative. Great work!

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