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Ork Aeronautica

Ork Aeronautica

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Basing and Blocking

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 4
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Step one, the models where painted black using Stynylrez acrylic primer (no photo’s this time).

The models were then based with a Vallejo Light Gull Grey paint, as seen below.

Next step was block in some of the main colours.  As per the source material, the tails was painted black with some yellow trim.  The nose has yellow.  Any part to be painted metal was based black.  The area around the canopy was painted black.

The control surfaces on the wings were painted a mix of light grey and white.  Some of the panels on the aircraft were painted red (red ones go faster).

The canopy was based with a dark green and then some deep green was used to add highlights to the windows.

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