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Dystopian wars table and Kingdom of Britannia fleet

Dystopian wars table and Kingdom of Britannia fleet

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The playing surface.

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while its nice to purchase a battle mat for every game sometimes you have to ask yourself is it really worth is and are there other options. i mean it is all one colour the sea and doesnt lend itself to staggering amounts of detail.

i started to look for other options and heres what i got for less than ten English pounds enough for a 6×4 gaming surface.

this fabric was next to nothing in cost for 2 meters when compared to a mat and all i did was trim it down to size leaving an inch extra to turn it over and form an edge. This was then sealed by the following, (Iron On Hem Tape 40mm wide hemming fusible one sided) another ebay purchase applied with the aid of an oddinary home iron.

Now before you go racing off to get your mums iron be aware of a few issues, you can melt the fabric if your not careful and the iron should never touch the fabric. Instead the heat is applied to the tape to seal the edge through a tea towel placed on top. if your young and not used to using an iron ask your mum or dad to do it for you its easy to get burnt.

once the tape is applied simply turn it over and its ready for tiny ships.


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