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Dan's Dweghom

Dan's Dweghom

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Up until recently I was only vaguely aware of Conquest, having seen it mentioned on OTT occasionally. The recent Path of Conquest videos have peaked my interest though and I’d like to be involved in a community event, so I decided to join in. I doubt there is any chance of me getting games in in the coming months so I’ll be treating this purely as a collecting challenge.


I browsed the Conquest website for a bit and tried to pick which faction to go for. They all appealed to some degree. In the end I chose the Dwegom as I have never done a Dwarf-esque army before despite being tempted to from time to time.


I have ordered the Start Playing Set along with a Tempered Sorcerer. The flaming dwarf wizard model just looks too awesome to not have him as my warlord.


I’ve used the Conquest Army Builder to have a go at making my first 600 point list. Here’s a link:


While I wait for the order to arrive I’ll be trying to clear as many other projects off my to finish list as possible and perhaps dive a bit more in to the games lore.

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