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Conquest 100 Kingdoms by The Dace

Conquest 100 Kingdoms by The Dace

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Stage 1 of Milestone 1 completed

Tutoring 6
Skill 5
Idea 4
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Well that’s all the 100 Kingdoms from the starter box put together.

The models were quite easy to build but I did make a few mistakes.

Here is what I did wrong so as to maybe help other people building these models.

The mounted noble, I glued the tail of the horse on before the horses skirts.

This was the wrong way of doing it and I had to physically break off the tail and green stuff it to put it right.



Fix from the other sideFix from the other side

Next to the men at arms.

Remember to not glue the torso to the legs straight on all the minis. These models seemed to look a lot more dynamic in a twisting pose rather than all facing straight on.


Ready from primingReady from priming

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