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The Spires: Daroth Prime

The Spires: Daroth Prime

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The beginning.

Tutoring 10
Skill 9
Idea 15
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The Spires are a fairly unusual force in Fantasy, elite like elves but crafters of the motes of life into clones and drones like flesh shaping aliens so I feel like they’re going to be a bit more interesting than drybrushing silver.

I decided to go off book for the colour scheme blending samuari and insect to get something distinctly alien and outlandish.

A Riot Of ColourA Riot Of Colour

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Cult of Games Member

You got me thunking on your paint scheme, particularly the insect bit.
I remembered the maind type of baddies in the film Krull ( with the redeeming fea ture of Lynette Anthony probably the nly reason I watched it) with the single shot lance thing.
I bought the two starter set, put a dent in 100 kingdoms but was looking at simple quick scheme for above.
Going to try a sample figure to see if it works with contrast, black armour grey bandage things.
If it works simple paint job.

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