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The Spires: Daroth Prime

The Spires: Daroth Prime

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Milestone One

Tutoring 15
Skill 11
Idea 14
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I have my build list and even a chance to talk to Leo about it.

When the finesse and agility of the Cloned instruments of death meet the
ferocity and raw strength of vat grown Brutes they make a force that only
the most disciplined and ferocious warriors can stand a chance! March
your Biomantic forces and show once and for all true Spire superiority!

● 1x High Clone Executor
● 2x Vanguard Clones
● 1x Brute Drones

The kits mentioned above will allow you to create a solid foundation on
which to build your force or expand an existing one. This list will allow you
to form a solid foundation on which to build and expand your collection.
The list goes as follows:

High Clone Executor [75]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
– Brute Drones (3) [180]

The Executor is a natural leader of Clones, deadly in close combat it well
compliments the large volume of the Clone’s attacks. Whilst the Clones
form a deadly front line the Brute Drones make short work of enemy light

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