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Evilstu's Historical Tinkering

Evilstu's Historical Tinkering

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Basing, Table Dressing and Rounding out the First Force

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General hobby-a-thon continues. Spent first half of the morning getting distracted by potential fantasy projects for later, then got back on track and did a bit of a tidy up of the hobby area to clear my gaming table. Wanted to set down the terrain I had to see if there would be a sufficient footprint to make for interesting games. Will obviously need to cut down the mats to smaller sizes and set up more appropriately but I think this is going to be enough as is once what I have on hand is finished off.

Also started basing the Catholic League side of the project, and got the third unit for the black wash that will ruin all the layer highlights I have done so far but which I still feel compelled to apply because reasons. Anyhow…

Will progress bases tomorrow, mess about with terrain a little more and then start working on the Swedish side.

Birds eye view of some of the table...Birds eye view of some of the table...
Vallejo Brown Mud onto the cavalry basesVallejo Brown Mud onto the cavalry bases
Base edges hit with AP Oak BrownBase edges hit with AP Oak Brown
Final unit of foot for this force (for now...)Final unit of foot for this force (for now...)

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