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Tuscany Hill Village Terrain Build

Tuscany Hill Village Terrain Build

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Turning to 3d Printing for salvation

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With the mdf a little blocky and not quite offering the fidelity that I want, at least in 15mm, I decided to turn to 3d printing. I do not have a 3d printer and I have no intention of buying one so after searching the internet, I found Treatstock that allows you to upload STL files, select the printing medium and get instant quotes on the cost. Sounds perfect for what I want to do.

Having never tried 3d printing, I wanted to run off a test print to get some idea of how this might work and what I will need to do.

I decided to stick with the Ikea flat pack Italian house approach, primarily because I had learnt Inkscape as a design tool and it was easy to mock something together.

For this test, I opted for a basic town house, nothing elaborate, just to test out some principles. I opted for the cheapest printing option and this is what I got back.

Flat pack Italian HouseFlat pack Italian House
And the built houseAnd the built house

I’m not worried about the stepping on this model, that can be dealt with. The big positive for this approach is that the accuracy is better and I can control the thickness of the material.

I don’t however like the joints – that’s going to take some fixing.

Therefore, I think the only way to proceed with 3d printing is to build the models in some package as whole pieces, rather than flat pack.

I’ve therefore downloaded FreeCad as the tool to design my own buildings!

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