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Ordo Draco Faction - Blitz Dragon Knight Sculpt

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Skill 7
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The 4th sculpt for the Ordo Draco – The Blitz Dragon Knight. Feedback welcome as always.

Of the hundred or so Ordo Draco who ride into battle atop a dragon, around half do so on the Blitz dragons. These dragons have the strongest flight muscles, the largest wings, and the greatest aerial skill. Like most dragons they can breathe fire, but not in quantity or temperature sufficient to be useful as a weapon in combat. With this model we are trying to tell the story of a dragon that has recently dropped off some Knights and is starting a strong wing downbeat to gain elevation.

The Blitz Dragon Knight is extremely mobile. Able to fly at various speeds and elevations giving maximum aerial flexibility whilst avoiding impassable and difficult terrain on the ground. The benefit of this is maximised through their ability to pick up allies and ferry them around the battlefield. Properly timed this can make the normally slow Knights feel able to get wherever they need to win, and do so in time. Blitz Dragon’s also make excellent objective grabbers due to their free flight movement. If they need to they can also pack a punch in combat able to deal damage to multiple enemies at once via Claw & Tail. They are a costly resource to field, but no Ordo Draco strike team is complete without at least one dragon.

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